The soul of clothing comes from caring of the work for perfection.





In the age of industry 4.0, people live with a hectic pace of life. Life is so fast that we don’t even have time to take care of ourselves. In the past, people find, and choose themself cloth, come to the tailor, and wait for a long time, only to get their fine suit or shirt done. That common thing now has just become so “luxurious”.
These days, just by surfing the internet and a few clicks, people had their product all carried to their house.

It is not hard to find and buy a thing but to please your satisfaction is a different story…

Understanding that problem, ameadow respect the precision and carefulness of the traditional tailors.
ameadow wants to bring you our finest shirt without having you waited long.

“Come to feel ameadow !”





– Love fashion, follow modern trends. The perfect requirement in every detail is our brand.

– Commitment to environmental friendliness, starting from our choice of natural, quality fibers (cotton fiber and 100% linen) and respect for the environment.

– Adherence to the soul of clothing comes from the caring of the work for perfection. Our products are carefully and dedicatedly handmade.
We desire to maintain traditional crafts.


100% natural

Organic clothing is clothing made from materials grown under the standards of organic agriculture (cotton, linen, silk), comply with certain norms such as prohibiting the use of herbicides, pesticides, or genetically modified ingredients. ameadow strives to minimize the use of chemicals and carefully selected suppliers to share the same view. The criterion of ameadow in trade is balance. Our skilled tailors working in favorable conditions, their salary is highly paid than other traditional tailors.

ameadow uses natural cotton and linen fibers.

The style is European-inspired and the sophistication of handcraft from Asian.

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